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ACRC hosted the integrity content awards


ACRC hosted the integrity content awards

Seventy-five awards, including four grand prizes, presented at Shin Eonim Hall, Chungbuk National University

December 7, 2017

Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission

The Republic of Korea


The ACRC hosted the 2017 Anti-Corruption and Integrity Content Competition Awards at Shin Eonim Hall, Chungbuk National University, on December 8.

Over six months beginning last May, the ACRC received 1,590 pieces of work related to integrity experienced in daily life - such as memoirs, UCCs, webtoons, book reports, and lectures - from public officials and citizens, in order to spread an awareness of integrity across society.

After expert reviews, the ACRC presented awards to seventy-five works including twenty-three memoirs, eleven pieces of UCC content, eleven webtoons, nineteen book reports, and eleven lectures.

The ACRC will display the awarded pieces on the websites of the Integrity Training Institute and that of the competition (http://www.integritycontents.kr) and will utilize them for integrity training henceforth.

ACRC Chairperson Pak Un Jong remarked, “The effort extended by participants in this competition will serve as a foundation for making our society more upright. The integrity content competition is expected to continue and to provide more opportunities for spreading a culture of anti-corruption and integrity.”

Meanwhile, the ACRC marked the 5th anniversary of the Integrity Training Institute by inviting local residents to the awards ceremony to see both performances and the award-winning works.