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ACRC Delivers a Training on Anti-Corruption Initiative Assessment for Iraqi Public Officials


ACRC Delivers a Training on Anti-Corruption Initiative Assessment for Iraqi Public Officials


August 28, 2018

Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission

The Republic of Korea


On August 28 - 30, the ACRC, in partnership with the UNDP, introduced Korea’s anti-corruption policies including Anti-Corruption Initiative Assessment to public officials of Iraqi Commission of Integrity (COI) who made a study visit to the ACRC.

The ACRC and the COI signed a Memorandum of Understanding on anti-corruption cooperation to strengthen capacities to fight corruption in May 2018.

During the three-day study visit, officials of the COI and UNDP Iraq discussed with the ACRC ways to introduce Anti-Corruption Initiative Assessment (AIA).

The AIA is ACRC’s corruption prevention instrument designed to enhance public organizations’ integrity level by annually assessing anti-corruption and integrity activities and achievements of public institutions across the nation.

So far, the ACRC has been active in providing anti-corruption technical assistances to developing nations, which led Mongolia and Vietnam to introduce Corruption Risk Assessment and AIA, respectively, in 2016.

This year, the ACRC is sharing its experiences and knowledge on implementation of anti-corruption policies such as the AIA to nations hoping to adopt Korea’s anti-corruption policies, for example, Myanmar and Iraq.

Next year, the ACRC will hold a workshop on AIA Workshop for the COI, continuing its support for the successful implementation of AIA in Iraq.

A standing commissioner of the ACRC said, “The ACRC will continue to share Korea’s anti-corruption policies with developing nations and to support them in building anti-corruption infrastructure, serving a role commensurating with the nation’s high standing on the international community.”