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Small frontline public agencies could provide expert-lectured integrity training


Small frontline public agencies could provide expert-lectured integrity training

Anti-corruption training institute under the ACRC will operate integrity instructor talent donation system and disclose the names of 49 integrity instructors

July 19, 2019

Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission

The Republic of Korea

Public agencies that are small in size and could not provide off-line integrity training by an integrity instructor will be able to do so due to small budget.

Anti-Corruption Training Institute of the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission (ACRC, Chairperson Pak Un Jong) will operate “Integrity Instructor Talent Donation System” starting from July 19.

Integrity Talent Donation System is designed to help small frontline public agencies that have a high demand for integrity training but cannot afford to do so due to small budget provide integrity training lectured by integrity expert. Under the system, professional integrity instructors listed on the ACTI’s integrity instructor pool or public interest whistleblowers could be linked to small public organizations.

It is mandatory for all public officials of public organizations and their affiliated agencies to take integrity training for more than two hours a year under the Act on the Prevention of Corruption and the Establishment of the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission, which was amended in August 2016.

Public organizations’ demand for integrity lecturers are sharply growing, but small sized public agencies are having difficulties in providing offline integrity trainings instructed by an integrity lecturer due to high lecture fees and geographical distances.

To help them resolve such difficulties, the ACTI will include in the ACTI website’s integrity instructor search system the 49 integrity instructors who will donate their talent.

Chairperson Pak Un Jong of the ACRC said, “If integrity / anti-corruption experts and whistleblowers visit frontline public agencies and provide integrity training, such training could produce more effective outcomes.” She added, “I am expecting that Integrity Instructor Talent Donation System could improve and substantiate the mandatory integrity training for public officials.”