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IACC, world’s biggest anti-corruption forum, will be held in Korea in 2020


IACC, world’s biggest anti-corruption forum, will be held in Korea in 2020

With its one year of efforts of hosting the IACC getting results, Korea could have an opportunity to share with the world its intention to realize corruption-free nation through anti-corruption reform

October 25, 2018

Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission

The Republic of Korea


Standing Commissioner Kim Tae-eung of ACRC (Chairperson Pak Un Jong) accepted the hosting of the 19th IACC in 2020 during his speech at the closing ceremony of the 18th IACC held in Copenhagen, Denmark, on October 25 (local time)

Korea was selected as the host country of the 19th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) in 2020.

At the closing ceremony of the 18th IACC in Denmark, on October 25 (local time), the IACC Council announced that Korea will host the 19th IACC.

The IACC is a bi-annual global anti-corruption forum co-hosted by a host nation and the Transparency International which is a global leading non-government anti-corruption institution. The IACC is one of the biggest anti-corruption forums, bringing together around 2,000 high-ranking government officials and representatives of civil society, international organizations, and the media from 140 countries.

Since the launch of the current administration, the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission, as Korea’s anti-corruption control tower, has worked hard to host the 19th IACC.

The IACC Council said that Korea was selected as a host country because the nation resolved a crisis peacefully under the democratic procedures by mobilizing its citizens’ anti-corruption capability, and is now building ant-corruption governance based on public-private partnership.

It is expected that by hosting the 19th IACC in 2020, Korea could share its anti-corruption experiences and lessons learned with the world, further strengthening global anti-corruption cooperation and playing a leading role in global anti-corruption movement.

The 19th IACC will consist of five plenary sessions and 50 workshops, where governments and civil society organizations could share their experiences in building transparent society and seek ways to end corruption.

Along with such sessions and workshops, various side events including international anti-corruption film festival, anti-corruption and integrity concert, and global anti-corruption youth event* will be held, engaging those in their 20s and 30s in the global anti-corruption event.

* At the event, a group of young journalists in the world will cover the conference and interview major global anti-corruption figures and post their coverages on 19th IACC official social network site.

ACRC’s Standing Commissioner said during the acceptance speech for Korea’s hosting the 19th IACC, “the government and civil society of Korea overcame a crisis together and are now closely cooperating to build a corruption-free nation. I hope in 2020, in Seoul, Korea’s experience in achieving transparent society could be shared with the global community.”

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