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ACRC consists of a total of 15 commissioners including 1 Chairperson (minister-level), 3 Vice-Chairpersons (vice minister-level), 3 Standing Commissioners and 8 Non-standing Commissioners. To deal with administrative tasks, the secretariat is set up, divided into three bureaus of Ombudsman, Anti-Corruption and Administrative Appeals. They are headed by each vice-chairman. The status and independence in work of all commissioners are guaranteed by the law.

  1. Chairperson
  2. Standing Commissioners

  3. Non-Standing Commissioners

  4. Central Administrative Appeals Commission

    • Spokesperson
    • Public Relations Division
    • Legal Advisor
  5. Vice Chairpersons(Secretary General)
    • Audit & Inspection Division
    • General Services Division
    Planning & Coordination office
    • Planning & Budgeting Division
    • Director for Organization & Management Innovation
    • International Relations Division
    • NGO & Business Cooperation Division
    Ombudsman Bureau

    Deputy Director General for Complaints Deliberation

    • Complaints Inverstigation Planning Division
    • Administration, Culture & Education Complaints Division
    • National Defense, Patriots & Veterans Complaints Division
    • Police Complaints Division
    • Treasury & Taxation Complaints Division
    • Business Complaints Team
    • Welfare & Labor Complaints Division
    • Industry, Agro-Forestry and Environment Complaints Division
    • Housing & Construction Complaints Division
    • Urban & Water Resouroes Complaints Division
    • Traffic & Road Complaints Division
    Institutional Improvement Bureau
    • General Institutional Improvement Division
    • Economic Institutional Improvement Division
    • Social Institutional Improvement Division
    • e-people Division
    • Complaints Information Analysis Division
  6. Vice Chairpersons(Anti-Corruption)
    Anti-Corruption Bureau

    Deputy Director General for Reports Inspecton

    • General Anti-Corruption Division
    • Anti-Corruption Survey and Evaluation Division
    • Corruption Impact Assesment Division
    • Anti-Solicitation Institution Division
    • Code of Conduct Division
    • Anti-Solicitation Interpretation Division
    • Inspection Planning Division
    • Corruption Inspection Division
    • Center for Reporting Public Subsidy Fraud
    • Protection and Reward Division
    • Public Interest Whistleblowing Inspection & Policy Division
    • Public Interest Whistleblower Protection Division
  7. Vice Chairpersons(Administrative Appeals)
    Administrative Appleals Bureau

    Deputy Director General for Administrative Appeals

    • General Administrative Appeals Division
    • Administration and Education Appeals Division
    • Treasury and Eonomic Appeals Division
    • Land and Martime Appeals Division
    • Social Welfare Appeals Division
    • Environment and Culture Appeals Division
    • Driver License Appeals Team

Affiliated Organizations

ACRC Seoul Complaints Center
  • Counseling Division
  • Complaints & Reports Inspection Division
  • Special Complaints Inspection Division
Anti-Corruption Training Institute
  • Training Planning Division
  • Training Operation Division
  • Training Support Division