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Mission & Vision

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Protecting people´s rights and interests & Building transparent and fair society

  • CommunicationCommunication
    Improving the quality of communication
    Developing relevant and convenient communication channel for people
    Analyzing voices of people and rapidly reflecting them into policies
  • Institutional ImprovementCooperation
    Improving institutions closely related to people´s daily lives
    Maximizing the effect of institutional improvement through internal & external collaboration
    Reaping the fruits of institutional improvement that people can feel
  • Protection of people´s rights and interestsSharing
    Actively dealing with social conflicts including collective complaints
    Focusing on addressing areas where civil complaints frequently arise
  • Anti-CorruptionOpenness
    Changing public officials´ mindset through participation and action
    Breaking the chain of corruption between the public and private sectors
    Strengthening the effectiveness of the protection system for whistleblowers of corruption & public interest violation

Reaping the fruits that people can fell by converging the values of the Government 3.0 and the main functions of the ACRC