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Writer 신성권  Date 2012-03-21
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Files 2011 Annual Report.pdf   (Down: 1662)
Title ACRC Korea Annual Report 2011



-                        About ACRC

-                        ACRC: Four Years of Achievement


Part 1. Major cooperative activities to protect people’s rights                    

  Chapter 1. Public-Private Partnership                             

  Chapter 2. International Cooperation                              

  Chapter 3. Public Relations                                     


Part 2. Handling Complaints

  Chapter 1. Overview of Complaints Handling in 2011

    Section 1. Evaluation of Annual Performance                    

  Chapter 2. Investigation of Complaints                           

    Section 1. Complaint Handling Statistics for 2011

  Chapter 3. Integrated Handling of Complaints and Complaint Analysis     

    Section 1. Operation of the e-People System                     

    Section 2. The 110 Government Call Center

    Section 3. Counseling Service for Civil Complaints 32

    Section 4. Systematic and Scientific Analysis of Complaints       


Part 3.  Fighting Corruption                                    

  Chapter 1. Supporting Public Offices to Improve Integrity

    Section 1. Establishment and Distribution of Anti-Corruption Policy Guidelines for 2011


    Section 2. Corruption Assessment and Anti-Corruption Initiatives Assessment

    Section 3. Corruption Impact Assessment                         

  Chapter 2. Monitoring Corruption and Violations of the Code of conduct

    Section 1. Receiving and Handling Corruption Reports

    Section 2. Employment Restrictions for Public Officials Dismissed for Corruption

    Section 3. Corruption Fact-finding Survey

    Section 4. Operation of Code of Conduct for Public Officials         

    Section 5. Protections and Rewards for Whistleblowers

    Section 6. Introduction and Operation of the Public Interest Whistleblower Protection System

  Chapter 3. Integrity Education and Raising Public Awareness about Anti-Corruption Initiatives

    Section 1. Education on Anti-Corruption and Integrity

    Section 2. Spread of Integrity Culture among the General Public

    Section 3. Development and Distribution of Integrity Education & Promotional Materials


Part 4. Improving Laws and Institutions in Better Compliant Handling and Corruption Prevention

  Chapter 1. Overview of the Institutional Improvement System

    Section 1. General Information

    Section 2. Procedures of Institutional Improvement

  Chapter 2. Major Institutional Improvements in 2011

    Section 1. Institutional Improvements by Sector

    Section 2. Institutional Improvements in Handling Complaints

    Section 3. Institutional Improvements in Fighting Corruption

    Section 4. Voluntary Efforts for Institutional Improvement by Public Offices


Part5.  Adjudicating Administrative Appeals 

  Chapter 1. Central Administrative Appeals Committee

    Section 1. Status of the Complaints Received and Processed

    Section 2. Analysis by Type

    Section 3. Resolution Time

    Section 4. Suspension of Execution  

    Section 5. Online Administrative Adjudication  

    Section 6. Operation of Committee

    Section 7. Initiatives for Prompt and Fair Resolution




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