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ACRC will Make a Transparent Society to Build a Good Business Environment


ACRC will Make a Transparent Society to Build a Good Business Environment


ACRC will Make a Transparent Society to Build a Good Business Environment

- ACRC held Policy Roundtable with Foreign Businesses on October 7 -


October 7, 2020

Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission

The Republic of Korea


The Korean government met with global companies operating in Korea to support them in their business integrity efforts and management activities for development.

On the morning of October 7, at The Plaza Hotel Seoul in Jung-gu, Seoul, the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission (ACRC, Chairperson Jeon Hyun-Heui) held a policy roundtable with executives of Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Korea to introduce the Korean government’s major anti-corruption policies and listen to difficulties global companies experienced in Korea.

The ACRC organized the meeting to help foreign businesses better understand the government’s anti-corruption policies. This meeting was also an arena for cooperation and communication to help the government reflect suggestions and proposals of the global companies, which are suffering difficulties due to COVID 19.

The meeting was attended by around ten executives of foreign Chambers of Commerce in Korea, including Mr. Jeffrey Jones, Chairman of the Board of Governors of American Chamber of Commerce in Korea, Mr. Sean M. Blakeley, President of British Chamber of Commerce in Korea, Mr. Rocky Yoo, Chair of Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Korea, Ms. Barbara Zollmann, President of Korea-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Mr. Christoph Heider, President of European Chamber of Commerce in Korea.

At the meeting, ACRC Chairperson Jeon Hyun-Heui introduced the ACRC’s efforts to make Korea a transparent society which is prerequisite to a good environment for businesses. She said that the ACRC will step up its efforts to improve laws and regulations for ending corruption by implementing Conflict of Interest Act, a legislation to enhance public sector integrity.

She also talked about achievements made by the Business Complaints Team of the ACRC and promised the participated foreign businesses an active support so as to resolve business activity- related complaints.

The foreign business leaders, representing foreign chambers of commerce in Korea, expressed their appreciation for the promise and assured in return that they would lead by example in business integrity so that their efforts could be a reference for Korean companies as best practices.

Chairperson Jeon said, “The ACRC will actively provide supports to both Korean companies and global companies for their business integrity efforts for their shared growth.”