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International Anti-Corruption Conference to be held in Korea in December through online format...


ACRC Korea Transparency Newsletter (August 2020)

International Anti-Corruption Conference to be held in Korea in December through online format due to COVID19

- ACRC will organize the IACC to ensure general public could freely join discussions on the latest anti-corruption issues such as post-COVID19 and fake news -


September 9, 2020
Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission
The Republic of Korea

The 19th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) will be held online in December this year due to the spread of COVID-19.
The Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission (ACRC, Chairperson Jeon Hyeon-Heui) and Transparency International (TI) have decided to hold the 19th IACC online safe from risks of COVID 19 from1- 4 of December this year.

Since 1983, the IACC has been held every two years. It is the biggest global anti-corruption forum where about 2,000 experts from countries around the world share anti-corruption information and experiences and find solutions for challenges, drawing interest and participation from people throughout the world.

The ACRC, representing the government of the host country, takes the charge of the overall management of the 19th IACC which will be held under the theme of “Designing 2030: Truth, Trust and Transparency”. 

For the first time in the IACC history, the 19th edition of the conference will be held online due to the COVID19 global pandemic.

The virtual conference will discuss latest anti-corruption issues in and outside Korea such as ‘Post-COVID19, fake news, money laundering, populism, and extremism”

At the conference, heads of international organizations, such as the United Nations (UN), the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), ministerial-level senior public officials from countries around the world, representatives of global non government organizations, and CEOs of multinational corporations share their opinions on global anti-corruption trends and share best practices of their countries.

They will also talk with global online attendants about anti-corruption issues through online Q&A sessions, one-on-one chats, and discussions.

Along with such meaningful discussions, various side events such as a talk concert, anti-corruption film festival, music concert will take place during the conference period to attract the interest of ordinary citizens to anti-corruption issues.

Since the virtual conference will put no limits in terms of space and time, a large number of people are expected to join the event. Especially, ordinary citizens and young people who have a great interest in ‘anti-corruption’ and ‘fairness’ could freely join the conference.

Detailed information on the conference such as programs, side events, speaker information, and registration will be posted on the IACC website (www.iacc2020.kr).

The 19th IACC had been initially planned to take place in June this year in Coex, Seoul. Due to the spread of COVID19, however, it was postponed until December with changes in the venue to Busan Exhibition and Convention Center (BEXCO) in Busan. As the virus does not seem to disappear anytime soon, the ACRC has decided to host the conference online. 

ACRC Chairperson Jeon Hyeon-Heui said, “At a time when due to the COVID19 pandemic, trust, truth and transparency have become important values more than ever before, ‘integrity’ will become an important national competitiveness in the post-COVID19 era.”

She added, “The ACRC will make sure that by successfully hosting the 19th IACC together with citizens, Korea’s national competitiveness of integrity will get significantly stronger.”




Overview of the 19th IACC

〇 (Name) The International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC)
〇 (Period) 1 December 2020 (Tue) - 4 December 2020 (Fri)
〇 (Format) Virtual Conference (further infomration will be posted on IACC website http://www.iacc2020.kr)
〇 (Hosts) The Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission & Transparency International*
〇 (Uniqueness) The largest international public and private forum in the area of anti-corruption, where anti-corruption stakeholders communicate and cooperate with each other, exchanging information (held once every two years since 1983)
〇 (Size) 3,000 attendees from the government, academia, civil society and media in 140 states
〇 (Theme) Designing 2030: Truth, Trust and Transparency
〇 (Programs) Main events (opening & closing ceremonies, plenary sessions and workshops) and side events (film festival, music concert, etc.)

< Program details >



Plenary session

ㆍTo host about 3,000 participants in discussing eight topics including future integrity strategies, global collaboration to tackle dirty money, and transparency standards for good governance Workshop


ㆍTo host around 300 participants in some 60 sessions on a wide range of anti-corruption agenda, such as business, the environment, human rights, refugees etc. Side event

Side event

Films for transparency

ㆍTo screen films with the theme of investigative journalism, whistleblowing and other anti-corruption issues Integrity concert

Integrity concert

ㆍTo be open to the public for conversations on social justice and corruption issues with prominent experts from anti-corruption communities at home and abroad Fair play music concert

Fair play music concert

ㆍTo put on anti-corruption themed performances of young musicians who have won a global competition