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ACRC Published Institutional Improvement Case book


ACRC Published Institutional Improvement Case book, ‘Most Common Innovation: institutional improvement’

- The case book includes 40 institutional improvement cases to resolve social issues such as fine dust and hiring irregularities -

September 9, 2020

Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission

The Republic of Korea

”Lets reduce fine dust !”, ”Why are female girls not allowed to wear school uniform pants?”

Institutional Improvement, Most Common Innovation, a compilation of institutional improvement cases made possible by recommendations of the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission (ACRC, Chairperson Jeon Hyun-Heui) was published and distributed.

The ACRC, since its launch in 2008, has issued to 1,500 of central governments, local governments and public institutions a total of 900 recommendations for improvement on unreasonable laws and regulations that may cause corruption and civil complaints. Among the recommendations, 95.2 were accepted.

The compilation consists of three chapters: Make change together with citizens (citizen participation); Make public administration clean (anti-corruption); Make lives of citizen convenient. With an aim to help citizens better understand ACRC’s institutional improvement recommendations, the case book introduces stories of unfairness and difficulties in everyday lives, along with measures to remove them.

They include citizen difficulties in everyday lives and measures to remove them, such as sudden closure of child-care center, difficulties in terminating a content subscription, and girls having no choice of opting for school uniform pants.

The compilation also explains how complaint data is analysed using the data collected on the e-People, and how citizen opinions are gathered through People’s Idea Box, which is a portal for citizen participation in policies. This clearly shows that citizens’ opinions are reflected in measures to improve laws and regulations to change citizens’ lives.

In fact, the ACRC used its analysis of 14,649 fine dust related complaints and suggestions to issue recommendations requiring increasing the number of child-care facility centers subject to indoor air quality control. In addition, based on 26,162 pieces of mobile gift card related public opinions, the ACRC recommended extending expiration date on mobile gift cards of goods and services.

The compilation will be distributed to public agencies and other agencies and will be uploaded on ACRC website as well

Director General Gwon Seok-won of the Institutional Improvement Bureau of the ACRC said, “I hope this compilation could be a help to share opinions on how to make good laws and regulations.” He added, “The ACRC will always highly value citizens’ opinions lodged on e-People and People’s Idea box and continue to lead by example in making institutional improvement to enhance quality of life for the people.”