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ACRC Korea Transparency Newsletter (January 2020)

January 2020  

The Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission (ACRC) was launched on February 29, 2008 through the integration of the Korea Independent Commission Against Corruption, the Ombudsman of Korea, and the Administrative Appeals Commission. With the consolidation of these three organizations, the ACRC now provides citizens with one-stop service dealing with citizen complaints, administrative appeals, and corruption reports in a faster and more convenient way.

We would like to inform you about our recent anti-corruption activities and latest news on what the Korean government is doing to improve the nation's transparency on thi s newsletter.
  Huguette Labelle, Chair of the International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) Council, visited Korea
The chair checked preparations and discussed the future plans for the 19th IACC scheduled to take place in June this year in Seoul during her visit to Korea.
visit to Korea

19th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) registration is now open
Anyone interested in IACC, co-hosted by the ACRC and the Trnasparency International on 2-5 June, 2020, is welcome to register to participate.

Bill for Act on Prevention of Conflict of Interest in Public Officials passed cabinet meeting
The Bill is evaluated to provide an institutional turning point to eliminate activities of public officials seeking illegitimate private gains in the course of performance of their public duties.

More severe punishment will be imposed on acts of revealing the identity of reporters
According to revised Anti-Corruption Act, the sentence will be increased to ‘imprisonment of not more than five years or a fine not exceeding 50M won($42,000)’.
  Korea received an all-time high score in the 2019 CPI by Transparency International
The OECD noted positive aspects of Korea's anti-bribery framework and commended Korea for actively cooperating with foreign law enforcement authorities.

ACRC announced the results of 2019 Anti-Corruption Initiative Assessment (AIA)
The results showed the more active anti-corruption efforts public agencies put in, the greater the increase in their score of the Integrity Assessment was.
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ACRC Chairperson met Belgium Ambassador to Korea
ACRC Chairperson met Belgium Ambassador to Korea

ACRC Cheong-baek Reporter was launched
ACRC Cheong-baek Reporter was launched
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