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ACRC Korea Transparency Newsletter (March 2020)

March 2020  

The Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission (ACRC) was launched on February 29, 2008 through the integration of the Korea Independent Commission Against Corruption, the Ombudsman of Korea, and the Administrative Appeals Commission. With the consolidation of these three organizations, the ACRC now provides citizens with one-stop service dealing with citizen complaints, administrative appeals, and corruption reports in a faster and more convenient way.

We would like to inform you about our recent anti-corruption activities and latest news on what the Korean government is doing to improve the nation's transparency on thi s newsletter.
  Korea saw improvement in the “2020 Annual Review of Corruption in Asia” for two years
Among the 16 countries assessed, Korea was ranked sixth with a score of 5.54 points (the lower, the cleaner) out of 10.

[Best Anti-Corruption Policy] Let’s sow the seeds of integrity in growing children’s mind!
The Gangwon-do Office of Education has run classes on integrity customized for the future generation, including kindergarteners, primary and secondary school students.

[Best Anti-Corruption Policy] Let’s make a safe society together!
The ACRC has promoted outstanding integrity policies in the public safety area, such as “Citizen Inspector for Public Safety” policy of the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries.

ACRC restructured Clean Portal to receive corroption reports online
The ACRC added 164 public agencies to the list of agencies receiving corruption reports online via the “Clean Portal”.
  Korea’s fight against COVID-19
The Korea has effectively responded to the COVID-19 based on the 3 principles of "openness, transparency and democracy."
The Korea

ACRC analyzed complaints associated with COVID-19
The ACRC analyzed a total of 52,118 cases of complaints related to COVID-19, and pushed for measures to mitigate people’s inconvenience in cooperation with relevant agencies.

Please report COVID-19 related public interst violation
To stop the spread of the COVID-19, the ACRC will swiftly process public interest violation reports on COVID-19 patients who refused inpatient treatment.
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