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2019 ACRC Annual Report

2019 ACRC Annual Report.pdf(Down: 673)


<Table of Contents>


006 Greetings from the Chairperson


009 Part 1 Assessment and Future Direction of the ACRC
010 Chapter 1 Achievements for the Past Year and the Way Forward
016 Chapter 2 Organization and Operation of the ACRC
020 Chapter 3 Private-Public Cooperation and Support for Ethical Business Management
030 Chapter 4 International Cooperation
040 Chapter 5 Public Relations


045 Part 2 Implementation of Anti-Corruption Policies for a Country of Integrity
046 Chapter 1 Reinforced Implementation of Government-wide Anti-Corruption Policies
051 Chapter 2 Prompt Response to Corruption Issues to Live up to People’s Expectations
057 Chapter 3 Re-establishing Standards of Conduct for Civil Service with Integrity
065 Chapter 4 Support for Public Institutions to Enhance Integrity
072 Chapter 5 Improvement of Laws and Systems for Effective Prevention of Corruption
076 Chapter 6 Anti-Corruption and Integrity Education for Raising Integrity Awareness


087 Part 3 Systematic Handling of Corruption and Public Interest Reports, and Protection of Whistleblowers
088 Chapter 1 Promotion of Reforms in Our Society by Handling Reporting Cases
096 Chapter 2 Effective Protection and Reward for Whistleblowers
104 Chapter 3 Preparation for Enactment and Enforcement of the Act on Prohibition of False Claims for Public Funds and Recovery of Illicit Profits
106 Chapter 4 Operation of System to Restrict Employment of Former Public Officials Dismissed for Corruption Charges
109 Chapter 5 Innovation of Anti-Corruption Tasks by Advancing National Integrity Information System


111 Part 4 Protecting People's Rights through Field-Centered Resolution of Civil Complaints
112 Chapter 1 Handling of Civil Complaints
115 Chapter 2 Status of Complaints Handled
118 Chapter 3 Handling Complaints to Enhance People's Satisfaction
125 Chapter 4 Efforts to Prevent Complaints and Strengthen the Relief of Rights and Interests
129 Chapter 5 Complaint Handling by Field


155 Part 5 Operating Fair and Prompt Administrative Appeals
156 Chapter 1 Operation of Administrative Appeals
164 Chapter 2 Achievements of the Central Administrative Appeals Commission


175 Part 6 Enhancement of Policy Feedback through Communication with the People
176 Chapter 1 Operation of Public-Oriented Communication System
181 Chapter 2 Operation of 110 Government Call Center
187 Chapter 3 Policy Improvement through Analysis of Complaint Big Data
191 Chapter 4 Reinforcement of Complaint Counseling


195 Part 7 Institutional Improvements for Fundamentally Correcting Factors Causing Public Inconveniences and Corruption
196 Chapter 1 Overview and Examples of Institutional Improvements
206 Chapter 2 Examples of Improvement in Areas Vulnerable to Corruption
210 Chapter 3 Examples of Improvement Regarding Common Complaints