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Handbook of the Improper Solicitation and Graft Act (new version as of March 21, 2017)

Ⅰ. Background & Progress
Ⅱ. Scope of Application
Ⅲ. Duties of the State and Public Institutions & Duties of Public Officials and Relevant Persons
Ⅳ. Prohibition of Improper Solicitations, etc. 
  1. Prohibition Of Improper Solicitations 
  2. Duties Subject to Improper Solicitation 
  3. Causes For Exception to Improper Solicitations 
  4. Prohibition of Performing Duties Due To Improper Solicitations 
  5. Procedures for Handling Improper Solicitations 
  6. Violation Penalties
Ⅴ. Prohibition of Acceptance of Financial or Other Advantages 
  1. Unacceptable Financial or Other Advantages 
  2. Exceptions for Unacceptable Financial or Other Advantages 
  3. Reporting and Disposal of an Unacceptable Financial or Other Advantage 
  4. Restriction on an Honorarium for an Outside Lecture 
  5. Disciplinary Action and Punishments on Violation
Ⅵ. Overall Management of Duties Pertaining to Prevention of Improper Solicitations and Acceptance of Financial or other Advantages 
  1. Institution for the Overall Management of Duties Pertaining to Prevention of Improper Solicitations, etc. 
  2. Reporting and Handling of Violations 
  3. Protection of and Rewards to Reporting Persons, etc. 
  4. Measures for Dealing with Unlawful Performance of Duties, etc.
Ⅶ. Disciplinary Action and Punishments 
 1. Disciplinary Action 
 2. Punishments 
 3. Notification of Fines for Negligence 
 4. Revocation of Imposition of Fines for Negligence 
 5. Responsibility of Legal Persons