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2017 ACRC Annual Report

2017 ACRC Annual Report.pdf(Down: 769)


Greetings from the Chairperson


Part 1 Assessment and Future Direction of ACRC
Chapter 1. Major Achievements and Developments for the Past Decade Since the Launch of the ACRC
Chapter 2. Organization and Operation of the ACRC
Chapter 3. Public-Private Partnership and Support for Ethical Management
Chapter 4. International Cooperation
Chapter 5. Public Relations


Part 2 Incorporation of Feedback into Government Policies through Communication with the People
Chapter 1. Operation of a Public-Centric Communication System
Chapter 2. Operation of the 110 Government Call Center
Chapter 3. Policy Improvement through Complaint Analysis with Big Data
Chapter 4. Provision of Quality Counseling Service


Part 3 Field-Centered Resolution of Civil Complaints
Chapter 1. Civil Complaint Handling System
Chapter 2. Current State of Civil Complaint Handling
Chapter 3. Field-Centered Resolution of People’s Grievances
Chapter 4. Stronger Remedy of Violated Rights Including Facilitation of Special Ombudsman Activities
Chapter 5. Efforts to Prevent Civil Complaints
Chapter 6. Current State of Civil Complaints Handling by Sector


Part 4 Realizing a Trust-Based Society through the Creation of an Ecosystem of Integrity
Chapter 1 Building and Solidifying a Foundation for Anti-Corruption
Chapter 2 Achievements and Improvement Plans of the Implementation of the Improper Solicitation and Graft Act
Chapter 3 Encouraging the Voluntary Anti-Corruption efforts of Public Institutions 
Chapter 4 Establishing an Effective Corruption Response System
Chapter 5 Systematic Handling of Reports of Corruption and Public Interest Violation, and the Protection of Whistleblowers
Chapter 6 Anti-Corruption and Integrity Education for Raising Integrity Awareness


Part 5 Operating Fair and Prompt Administrative Appeals
Chapter 1 Operation of Administrative Appeals
Chapter 2 Achievements of the Central Administrative Appeals Commission


Part 6 Institutional Improvements for Fundamentally Correcting Factors Causing Public Inconveniences and Corruption
Chapter 1 Overview of Institutional Improvements
Chapter 2  Examples of the Improvement of Anti-Corruption Institutions
Chapter 3 Examples of the Institutional Improvement for Grievance Relief