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e-People (www.epeople.go.kr)

The administration process in these days is becoming more and more complex and diverse. For this reason, citizens, who intend to file complaints, face difficulties in finding the right agency to contact. e-People is the system handling civil complaints online at the pan-governmental level to provide people with easier access to public service.

E-People, an online government portal, connects all central administrative organizations, all local autonomous bodies, all offices of education, major public service-related institutions, overseas diplomatic missions and National Court Administration.

The automatic classification feature allows received complaints to be sent to the suitable agencies that can most effectively deal with these complaints. In the case where more thorough investigation is needed, the ACRC directly handles and processes those complaints.

Plus, this online portal system enables people to make suggestions regarding administrative affairs and participate in policy decisions to ensure more creative administration.

Currently, the multilingual service of e-People is provided in 14 languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Mongolian, Indonesian, Thai, Uzbek, Bengali (language of Bangladesh), Cambodian, Sinhala (language of Sri Lanka), Nepali, Russian and Myanmar.

"e-People" : People's online petition and discussion portal

Complaints, proposal, policy discussion and corruption reporting integrated into a Single Window

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"e-People is the government portal that allows citizens to file complaints online."