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Raising Public Awareness on Corruption Issues


The ACRC carries out a variety of public awareness programs to encourage citizen's cooperation and participation in enhancing national integrity. To raise awareness of the risks of corruption and establish a sustainable system of national integrity, the ACRC focuses on anti-corruption education for public servants and students.

Operation of the Anti-Corruption Training Institute (ACTI)

The Anti-Corruption Training Institute (ACTI) was established under the ACRC as a specialized anti-corruption training institute of Korea. It opened in Cheongju City on 25 October 2012.

ACTI´s major goal is to change public officials´ attitude to corruption and integrity, and improve their ethical standards. It is true that reactive measures such as detection and punishment are needed to prevent corruption and enhance integrity. However, a more fundamental solution to corruption problems is to make a culture of integrity take root in society so that public officials can refrain from corruption and serve the people more actively. ACTI´s training programs are systematically designed to help enhance the learners´ sensitivity to integrity.

ACTI´s training program has two objectives. One is to teach public officials necessary ethics regulations and the practical ways to deal with an ethical dilemma in their working circumstances. The other is to raise public officials´ ethical standards. ACTI provides diverse training programs aimed at raising integrity sensitivity of individuals and improving integrity levels of organizations. In addition, ACTI organizes training programs for students in order to disseminate a culture of integrity throughout society.

Goal of Anti-Corruption Training

Institutional Improvement
Corruption Impact Assessment


Change from individual attitude to behavior to culture through anti-corruption training
Whistleblower Protection
Detection of Corruption
Insitutional Improvement
Corruption Impact Assessment

ACTI´s training programs are offered in various forms, including discussions focusing on case studies, practical exercise, and group work as well as lectures. Its programs range from a journey to explore the meaning of integrity, drama about the everyday life of a public official, talk show on integrity, consultation on the way to increase organizational integrity, meeting with a whistleblower, to self-assessment of individual integrity competence.

ACTI´s most popular program is "Integrity Concert," which provides various situations that public officials may experience in their life in order to appeal to their emotion and change their way of thinking. Sessions of the concerts are provided in the form of diverse interesting and impressive cultural performances, emphasizing the importance of integrity.


Integrity Concert. New type of educational program to incresase students´ interest and participation in training.

Best program chosen by students!
Pansori(traditional musical performance)
Fusion traditional music show 'Song of Integrity'
Music concert of retired public officials
[Video] Hidden truth of integrity and morality
[Test]Morality Test
[Survey]Result of Corruption Perceptions Survey
[Theater of Situation] Mr. Goh faces illegal socilitation regarding personnel management
[Integrity Talk]Situation of a moral dilemma
[How th Enhance Integrity Level]How th Enhance Integrity Level of My Organization?