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How to Report an Act of Corruption

What to be reported

The act of any public official's abusing his/her position or authority or violating statutes in connection with his/her duties to seek gains for himself/herself or any third party
The act of inflicting damages on the property of any public institution* in violation of statutes, in the process of executing the budget of the relevant public institution, acquiring, managing, or disposing of the property of the relevant public institution, or entering into and executing a contract to which the relevant public institution is a party

* Scope of public institution: administrative agencies at various levels, local governments, offices of education, National Assembly, courts, Constitutional Court, election commissions at various levels, Board of Audit and Inspection, public service related organizations, and private schools and educational corporations at various levels

The act of coercing, urging, proposing and inducing any act referred to in items (a) and (b) or act of covering it up

How to report

Any person may report an act of corruption to the ACRC by the following channels.

www.clean.go.kr (Korean)
Post Address:
Government Complaints Counseling Center, Government Complex - Seoul 209, Sejong-daero, Jongno-gu, Seoul 03171
+82-44-200-7972 [Report Form]
You can visit the ACRC office in Seoul or Sejong to submit reports. Our office hours are 9 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday.
Government Complaints Counseling Center: Government Complex - Seoul 209, Sejong-daero, Jongno-gu, Seoul 03171
ACRC main office: Government Complex-Sejong, 20, Doum 5-ro, Sejong 30102

* Reports shall be made in writing (including electronic documents) with the reporting person's personal details along with the evidence in order to prevent irresponsible reporting, false reporting, etc.

How to handle a report

After receiving a report and verifying its details, the ACRC, if necessary, refers the case to the Board of Audit & Inspection, investigative agencies, or supervisory institution of reported public organization and informs the reporter of the investigation result notified.
In case the report directly contributed to recovering or increasing the revenue of a public institution or reducing its expenses, the reporter may be paid rewards up to 3 billion won.
The ACRC provide protective measures such as guarantee of employment, physical protection, confidentiality for reporters, cooperators, etc. in order for them to report the violation without fear.

[ Handling Procedure ]

  1. Reporter
    reports corruption to ACRC
  2. ACRC
    receives report & verify fact
  3. ACRC
    refers the case to investigative authority
  4. investigative authority
    conducts investigation
  5. investigative authority
    notifies ACRC of result
  6. ACRC
    notifies reporter of result

* The ACRC may file a direct accusation with the prosecution against "high-ranking" public officials with suspected corrupt conduct.
* The ACRC may request reinvestigation when the initial investigation is deemed inadequate.
* If an accusation against high-ranking officials is dismissed, the ACRC may file an application for adjudication with the High Court.