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Institutional Improvement


The ACRC analyses corruption acts and the current trends of civil petitions, figures out corruption-prone or complaint-causing areas, and recommends public organizations to improve unreasonable laws and institutions.

Each organization voluntarily selects its institutional improvement tasks and improves its institutions while the ACRC supports their efforts by conducting "Anti-Corruption Initiative Assessment."

Procedures of Institutional Improvement

  1. Figuring out issues
    civil complaints analysis, crruption trends, media

    preliminary assessment of issues

  2. Fact-finding
    collecting materials, on-site investigation, interview with stakeholders, advice from specialists
  3. Drawing solutions
    public hearings, meetings
    Resolution & Recommendation
    Subcommittee/small committee, Commission
  4. Monitoring & Feedback
    evaluating implementation, reporting to the cabinet Meeting, proposing to the National Assembly